Get your prescription refill with our licensed medical professionals.

We provide refills for already taken medication. By filling out a simple online consultation form, you can have your prescription refill sent directly to the pharmacy of your choice. You can help us serve you better if you share information about any prescription or over-the-counter drugs you're presently taking with your provider during the consultation.

Why use The CareMD?

When you are unable to obtain prescription service from your primary care provider, The CareMD can help provide online prescription refills which will be sent to the pharmacy of your chosen. To prevent any delays, we kindly request that you upload a picture of the medication or bottle, which should include the brand, dosage, and directions.

Who benefits from refilling prescription medication with The CareMD?

  • Patients who urgently need refills on their medications but can't get in touch with their primary care physicians.
  • Patients who are traveling and have either run out of their medication or lost it.
  • Any patient who needs to fill a prescription outside of their doctor's normal office hours. 

How It Works

the caremd online doctor and virtual health care

Complete a quick online intake visit form anywhere on your phone or computer.

the caremd online doctor and virtual health care

Your form is reviewed by our medical providers.

the caremd online doctor and virtual health care

We send prescriptions to your selected pharmacy.

Select A Refill Type

What Prescription do we and do not Refill

We do not sell or ship prescriptions. We do not prescribe or refill DEA-controlled substances, muscle relaxers, hormones, or other dangerous drugs that require close supervision by medical personnel or a disease specialist. Often, these providers want to follow your health closely and pre-set your refill dates. If you are unable to attach a picture, you have discontinued use for some time, or the pharmacy is not located in the U.S, we will treat the refill as a new condition and initiate the medication at the recommended starting dose.

  • We only treat our patients when we can meet the medical standard of care. Our providers may determine that you should seek urgent medical care or an in-person office visit rather than use our telemedicine platform. As a result, we CAN NOT guarantee that we will write you a prescription. We will issue you a full refund if we cannot treat it.
  • Our medical practitioners prescribe medications to treat the specific medical conditions listed in our services. We treat these diseases based on the pre-emptive diagnoses on our intake form.
  • We abide by telemedicine regulations set by different states. Depending on your location, you may need to complete an audio/video consultation.

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