The CareMD is a telemedicine company that provides a simple and helpful way for our patients to engage with their medical care providers distantly from the solace of their homes. We are focused on broadening the choice of permitting our patients to assume responsibility for their health through virtual means of medical care. Our team is involved comprised of compassionate medical services providers, IT specialists, and Engineers. Together we structure a group that presents to you with total medical care services that is convenient and affordable.


Our point is to change how you experience medical care and give an affordable quality service that is accessible to all. Our central goal is to change medical services by conveying an experience that prompts improved positive results.

Our Vision

Establishing and maintaining the highest standards in telemedicine and to promote public health and safety.

Our Mission

To provide optimal methods in telemedicine services with respect for the demands of our patients and to apply new technological accomplishments for the faster and more efficient treatment of our customers.

Our Goals
  • Development of quality and efficiency of telemedicine services
  • Making sure our staffs are happy and satisfied
  • Making sure our customers are happy and satisfied

TheCareMD Clinic

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