The purpose of telemedicine is to provide patients the opportunity to consult, receive diagnosis and treatment for a medical condition using telecommunication modalities: interactive audio, video, or other electronic media.
As a patient, I am consenting to allow CareMD.com and their affiliates, doctors, and medical assistants to facilitate my medical care using telemedicine services whom may provide services from different locations thus, requiring my ability to be forthcoming with accurate information with regards to my medical history, lifestyle, and care.
I recognize that using electronic transmissions through CareMD.com may result in inadequate data transmitted if the images or specimens are illegible or skewed.
I acknowledge that the services provided by CareMD.com is not a guaranteed cure, and if needed a refund will be offered if an in-person evaluation or referral is determined to be a better solution.
I understand that it is my responsibility to alert my physician if I experience a negative reaction to any treatment provided by CareMD.com, if necessary, call 911, or seek treatment at the nearest emergency room.
Additionally, due to unauthorized viewers, you recognize that electronic transmission may be compromised at no fault of CareMD.com due to illegal access beyond our security precautions.
I hereby acknowledge that CareMD.com and affiliates are released from any liability which may occur through the unauthorized use of audio, video, or other electronic transmission.
I agree that the initial fee only covers the initial evaluation and I am responsible for any and all additional cost of medication at the pharmacy, if needed.
I consent that I have read, or have had the consents read to me, and I agree to all the information herein.

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