How It Works


Select one or multiple desired tests and simply complete the necessary documentation from your laptop or smart device.


Call your nearby lab office to schedule a blood draw. Insurance and self-pay options are accepted at the lab office.


Log into your secure patience portal to view your lab results. Providers are accessible to answer any questions.

Select A Lab Test to Start

STD Tests (self pay)

General Lab Test (Self Pay)

Clear and easy way to get your labs done with The CareMD

We provide a convenient and affordable online platform designed for patients to consult medical doctors. Your healthcare services are at your fingertips, you have online access anytime, anywhere from a mobile device or personal computer. No Appointment

After you order the test

After ordering the lab test, our staff will make the necessary arrangements with the laboratory. Then, we work with you to schedule a visit to a lab near you.

Test result outcome

The test results will be accessible that very day our office gets the results from the lab. A provider will get in touch with you to talk about any treatment alternatives or answer any further inquiries.

Can I pay with insurance?

Yes, you can pay for a lab test with your insurance. Just select the insurance option, pay our virtual visit fee and our doctors will order the labs for you.

Which STD lab test should I choose?

If you have knowledge of the type of STD you contacted, simply select the disease as the choice for testing. If you have no idea, we have a 5 test complete panel that tests for a blend of the most widely recognized STDs.

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