What Limitations Exist for Online Doctor Visits?

Clinics and doctor's offices are quickly adopting telemedicine visits to attend to patients remotely. The CareMD provides a helpful and simple way for patients to communicate with their medical care providers from their homes. But an online doctor visit is not a cure for all conditions. This is because telemedicine platforms cannot cater to some medical exams and procedures.

Here are some limitations that exist for online doctor visits:

Internet Connections Are Absent or Spotty in Some Areas

Broadband connections could be better, and some areas still have challenges with broadband availability. Coping with poor sound quality and frozen images during a telemedicine appointment can be annoying. Technical obstacles and glitches can force you to reschedule the appointment or cut it short altogether.

For this reason, most telemedicine providers are trying to initiate programs offering Wi-Fi hotspots in remote locations, such as rural areas. The goal is to help patients see a physician online without traveling several miles to do so.

Our focus is on allowing our patients to take responsibility for their health through digital medical care. Our team comprises IT specialists, engineers, and medical service providers who work together to give you medical care service that is more affordable and convenient.

Telemedicine Visits Are Not a Total Substitute for In-person Visits

Telemedicine visits are not feasible for all clinical situations or patients. The inability to do an in-person physical examination can lead to inaccurate dosing of drugs. Weight-based drugs, such as pediatric medications and chemotherapy treatments, require the provider to weigh the patient first to recommend the appropriate dosage.

But for patients with minor conditions and follow-ups, an online visit can be enough. More importantly, if you are too weak or ill to leave the house or have a potentially contagious disease, an online appointment may be a great place to start. And if you cannot travel long distances for an in-person meeting, an online visit is better than no appointment.

The CareMD provides confidential, fast, and convenient online telehealth services. You must complete a consultation form to let us know your health condition, symptoms, and medical history.

You Cannot Have Emotional Connection or Physical Contact

Digital technologies can restrict traditional office elements such as emotional connection, touch, and physical presence. Some patients, especially those who have no experience with video visits, may prefer in-person visits.

But most types of physical assessment, such as dermatology or ophthalmology exams, can get done through telemedicine. For those with chronic conditions such as heart failure, COPD, or diabetes, virtual platforms can help medical providers to track their health.

Clinicians can listen to patients' lung and heart sounds, evaluate lesions or burns, and examine their eyes through a telemedicine platform. Although most diagnostic testing needs to be done in person, most precision monitoring can be done at home.

We provide one-on-one care whereby you'll see a doctor and get a treatment plan. Our team will send your prescription to your local pharmacy.

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Telemedicine fits right in since most people have embraced digital technology. At The CareMD, we provide a telemedicine platform to assist you in making decisions on how best to choose to stay healthy.

Arrange an online doctor visit today, and we’ll deliver quality medical care. Our telemedicine company offers care for common medical conditions via an electronic consultation reviewed by our doctors.

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