Can An STD Return After Treatment?

Sexually transmitted diseases can return after treatment for various reasons. You can use comprehensive telemedicine services at The Care MD without waiting to see a doctor. We're the team to call when searching for STD treatment near me.

4 Reasons Why an STD Can Return After Treatment

Treating a recurring infection can be frustrating. Treatment can mean taking antibiotics and antivirals through injections or pills. The Care MD can help you diagnose and treat any STD. We provide professional telemedicine services instantly accessible through your phone or computer. If your STD disappears only for the symptoms to recur, it may be due to these four reasons:

1.      Taking The Wrong Medication

Some STDs disappear without treatment, and others, like herpes, can be managed but not cured. Most STDs respond to various medications, including pills and injections. If you're taking the wrong medication, the treatment will fail. You may be using ineffective antibiotics. We can help diagnose the STD and identify the best prescription medication to treat it. 

Our doctors will monitor your progress and recommend further treatment if your symptoms aren't gone. A change in medication may resolve recurring STDs. When treating an STD, stick to the medicines recommended by your doctors. Avoid using other people's prescriptions or finding substitutes. A slight difference in the formula may be all it takes for a strain of bacteria to survive, thrive, or die.

2.      Taking Medication Incorrectly

Many STDs return because you failed to complete the dose as prescribed by your doctor. At The Care MD, we focus on the diagnosis to identify the underlying infections. Our doctors will help you understand the STD and determine the best medication and dosage to cure it. You should complete treatment as directed and follow through with all schedules, even if you feel better. Failing to complete the entire course of antibiotics can prevent you from being fully treated.

Bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens can develop resistance and make future treatment harder. Once you start curing an STD with medication, make sure you finish the dose as directed to prevent fight-back from the infection. The goal is to clear your system of the disease. If some strains remain, they can thrive and cause a new wave of infection. Untreated infections also weaken your immunity against other infections you naturally resist.

3.      Intercourse With Untreated Partner

When treating a diagnosed STD, you should involve your partner. Everyone that has been exposed needs to be fully treated for all the identified infections. Treating yourself without your partner is like doing half the job. You may contract the disease again as soon as you have sex with your untreated partner. This can result in symptoms that disappear temporarily and return even worse. If you are being treated for an STD, you should ask your partner to seek treatment, even if they don't have any symptoms.

Some people have stronger immunity and may carry infections for several days before the symptoms manifest. If you've been diagnosed with an STD, avoid having sex until both of you are fully treated. The Care MD offers a secure portal where couples and partners can find online STD treatment from a doctor. Our telemedicine services are flexible and easily accessible. We thrive in private treatment sessions, and you don't have to leave home.

4.      Exposure To New STDs

STDs share many symptoms because they inflame and impact the same parts. You may experience pain and discharge coupled with other symptoms. Treating an STD doesn't protect you from future infections. You may contract the same STD or a different infection if you have intercourse with an infected person. The new disease can have similar symptoms, so you may be tempted to purchase the same antibiotics that helped you before.

Since each infection is different, your old medication may not address the new profile of bacteria. Implementing safe sex practices is the best way to prevent further infections. You can easily contract the same or a different STD repeatedly if you have unsafe sex. Each disease leaves you more vulnerable to another, which is more reason to follow safe practices. The Care MD can treat different STDs, but prevention relies on your efforts.

STD Treatment Near Me

An online search for STD treatment near me may provide access to the nearest clinics and health centers. You can also leverage telemedicine services to speak to a professional remotely. Telemedicine eliminates the wait involved in finding a doctor. You can get help anywhere, anytime. All you need is a smartphone to complete electronic consultation.

At The Care MD, you can talk to a real doctor whenever you need help. Our telemedicine company offers comprehensive consultation with no copays, hidden fees, or insurance required. We treat many common medical conditions and STDs from the solace of your home. Our doctors also prescribe medication for the conditions.

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