Cost Differences for Online Doctor Appointments

Online doctor appointments can help enhance comfort and convenience when seeking treatment. You can get the care you need from any location, so you don’t need to make long commutes to see your healthcare provider. The Care MD can provide quality healthcare conveniently and at affordable prices, making us a suitable choice for your online doctor visit.

Online Doctor Visit vs. In-person Visit 

The cost of an online doctor visit is generally lower than that of an in-person visit, as there are expenses that aren’t incurred in online consultations. You won’t incur travel costs with an online appointment. Online consultations also tend to be cheaper because they present lower overhead costs for healthcare providers. Telehealth providers don’t incur high facility fees, as they don’t need to lease large spaces to accommodate patients or pay high operational costs.

The Care MD is dedicated to providing affordable healthcare for all. Booking an appointment with us means you don’t need to incur travel expenses, as we can consult with you over calls, videos, or chats. We are also pocket friendly and can save you up to 60% of what you’d normally spend on regular care. This can be a benefit for anyone without insurance, as they don’t have to spend too much on quality care.

What Causes Cost Differences for Online Doctor Appointments?

You’ll likely come across various telehealth professionals charging different rates for their services. Here are some factors that can cause cost differences for online visits:

Type of Service Provider 

Healthcare providers have varying charging policies — some charge a flat fee for an online consultation, whereas others charge by the minute or hour. Take time to understand a provider’s policies before seeking their services so you know what to expect. The Care MD charges a flat fee for our online doctor consultations, so you don’t need to worry about your healthcare expenses building up if you need a long consultation.


Some providers may charge more for consultations that fall outside regular operating hours. Confirm whether this is the case for your provider before scheduling appointments at night or on weekends so you can budget appropriately. The Care MD charges a flat fee regardless of the time you choose to seek our services. 


As with regular doctor visits, your illness can determine your overall medical costs — diseases that require specialized care may be more expensive to treat than the rest. The Care MD’s prices vary depending on the illness you want to be treated. For example, we charge $39.99 for common medical conditions like sinus infections and $59.99 for STDs like chlamydia and gonorrhea. We pride ourselves in transparent pricing, so you can browse our site to learn more about our services and their costs. 

Scope of Services 

You may incur higher expenses for a comprehensive consultation than a basic consultation, as the former involves more processes. A comprehensive consultation can include lab testing, medical history review, and prescription filling. 

Schedule an Online Doctor Visit 

An online doctor visit is an excellent alternative to a regular office visit, as it can be cheaper. Telehealth providers usually charge less because they incur fewer expenses than traditional medical professionals. You may find some cost differences among telehealth professionals, as they follow different pricing policies. Factors that can impact healthcare costs include your illness, chosen consultation time, and scope of services. 

The Care MD is dedicated to providing quality healthcare for people from all financial backgrounds. Our prices are affordable, so you can easily pay out of pocket. Contact us to learn more about our services. 

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